Whirpool Refrigerator Mod# ED5VHEXVQ01 not turning on, not cooling

Model Number:  ED5VHEXVQ01


About Whirlpool Refrigerator Mod# ED5VHEXVQ01


You don’t hear any fans or compressor noises from the unit and it’s not cooling.


More often than not the cold control has failed.  It is the knob labeled refrigerator here.

What Can Be Done To Get By Until Repair Is Done:

In some cases you can tap the knob and it will kick on for a short time but get your part soon this won’t last.

Difficulty Of Repair:

Easy but getting access requires patience or you may break something and you should take pictures so you put everything back the same way it was.

Time To Repair:

About part no. 2198202


30 minutes to 1 hour

Cost Of Parts:

Refrigerator thermostat part no. 2198202 $85.32 at SearsPartsDirect.com

*Parts prices are subject to change

 Steps To Repair:

  1. Turn off the power to the unit.
  2. Start by removing both knobs for the freezer and refrigerator controls.
  3. Look up behind the control console and you will see two 1/4″ screws near the light bulb which hold the console in position.  Remove them and very gently bring the console down.  The front of the console rests on plastic tabs so be careful.
  4. Do not take the console completely off yet.  If you put too much downward pressure on the console it may break a plastic piece so be gentle!  Look to the left and you will see a rod attached to the freezer control that works the damper.  Unscrew it and lay it to the side remembering how it was attached.
  5. Follow where the capillary tube runs from the refrigerator thermostat.  Remove the screw from the cover and you will see the capillary tube running out and around the damper where it is snapped into place by tabs.  Again take note on how it is attached take pictures if you need to.
  6. Remove the capillary tube.
  7. You should be able to remove the console out on to a surface where you can easily replace the part.  The thermostat is held in place by plastic tabs be gentle when removing the thermostat.
  8. Remove the sheath from the old thermostat by pulling it straight off the capillary tube.  The sheath is just a rubber hose that covers the capillary tube it may be white or black.
  9. Once your thermostat is installed reverse these steps remembering to put the capillary tube back on the damper snapped into the tabs exactly the way it came out.

Helpful Tip:

You will find it easier to install the sheath back on to the thermostat capillary tube if you spray WD40 into the sheath first. Straighten the capillary tube out and gently pull and twist the sheath until one end is right up to the thermostat.




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