Whirpool Refrigerator Mod# ED5GTGXNB14 Leaks From The Back

Model Number:  ED5GTGXNB14


About Whirpool Refrigerator Mod# ED5GTGXNB14 Leaks From The Back


Water on the floor that seems to come from the bottom or from the left side rear of the unit.


In this case a very hard to see pin hole in the plastic supply line to the refrigerator is leaking at the back of the unit.

What Can Be Done To Get By Until Repair Is Done:

Turn off the water supply behind the refrigerator.

Difficulty Of Repair:

Fairly easy if you use a union but a little harder if you intend to replace the hose.

Time To Repair:

15 minutes at the most for the union.  The hose replacement is more or less 30 minutes.

Cost Of Parts:

5/16″ double sided union (John Guest connector).   Price has an outrageous range depending on where you buy it.  However finding one may not be easy.  My supplier retailed it at $30.  You will see them online for a fraction of that.


Water line part no.  8201597  $33.21 at SearsPartsDirect.com.

*Parts prices are subject to change

 Steps To Repair:

If you’re going to use the union…

  1. Cut off the water supply to the refrigerator and unplug the unit as well.
  2. Locate the pin hole (in this situation the hole was so small I couldn’t see it even spraying.  I had to put my hand near it to see water collecting.).
  3. If you feel there are no other leaks and you know you have a small enough section of hose you can remove ( no more than an inch) without making it so you can not connect the union…use a very sharp knife or box cutter to cut the line as straight as possible.  Remove the section with the pinhole.
  4. The union will go where the section was removed.  John Guest fittings require no tools.  You simply push the hoses into the union on both ends until they can’t go in any further.  Tug on them (not too hard) to be sure they are secure.  If you have to take the union off for some reason you will need to depress the collar on the union to get them to release the hose.
  5. Cut your water on and check for leaks.
  6. Plug your refrigerator in the wall again.

If the line needs to be replaced I would suggest getting a serviceman to help because the inlet line attaches to the water filter housing and it can be difficult to get to.   The filter housing is under the unit near the condensor coil.

Helpful Tip:

Check on YouTube for helpful tutorials on using John Guest connectors if you run into trouble.  Turn your water on slowly to check leaks and avoid chaos in your kitchen.



Ket Lilly

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