Kenmore Dryer Mod# 110.60982990

Model Number:  110.60982990


About Kenmore Dryer Mod# 110.60982990


Unit will run but produces no heat.


This issue can be caused by several factors but one of the most common is a broken heater element.  This dryer had a bad element.

 What Can Be Done To Get By Until Repair Is Done:

Unfortunately nothing can be done here it must be repaired to work again.

About part no. 3387747

Broken element on a heater

Difficulty Of Repair:


Time To Repair:

15 – 30 minutes

Cost Of Parts:

Heat element part no. 3387747 $74.95 at SearsPartsDirect.com

*Parts prices are subject to change

Steps To Repair:

  1. Unplug the dryer.

    About part no. 3387747

    Heater assembly

  2. Remove the kick-plate at the bottom of the dryer.  It is a rectangular panel under the door.  You will need a flat tool like a putty knife to pop the clips on either side of the panel.  The clips are in the seam under the door and are about 1″ in from both sides.  Take the knife and apply firm pressure upward on the clips to get them to release the panel.
  3. After the panel leans forward and you take it off you will immediately see your heater assembly to the lower right.
  4. Look at your new heater to get an idea of what it is you are trying to remove.
  5. Remove the two red wires and behind them you will see a 1/4″ screw.  Remove the screw and gently but firmly work the heater out of the housing by pulling toward you.  You can pull on the ceramic block of the heater or use needle nosed pliers to grab the rail inside the housing to pull it out.
  6. Once the heater is out you can simply put the new one in and reverse these directions to finish the job.  Do not forget to put the screw back on the heater it holds the heater in the housing.

Helpful Tip:

Check around for lint build up.  It’s a good time to do a little maintenance because excessive lint can cause fire in a dryer.  Use a vacuum or just a rag to clean the lint and try to get what you can’t see too over by the motor on the left side.




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