GE Range Mod# JBP69B0F3BB Burners Not Heating Properly

Model Number:  JBP69B0F3BB


About JBP69B0F3BB burners not heating properly


You are cooking and the heat seems irregular like it’s not getting hot enough like it used to.


As long as you are not experiencing run away temperature (overheating) or a dead burner (no heat at all)  you are more than likely going to need new burners.  The burners have limiters that protect the glass and now are worn so that they cut the burner out too often while cooking.

What Can Be Done To Get By Until Repair Is Done:

Nothing can be done to temporarily fix this.

Difficulty Of Repair:

Moderate.  If you decide to take this on be very careful with the cooktop because if you drop the top it is glass and very expensive to replace.

Time To Repair:

30 minutes to  1 hour of labor depending on how many burners are being replaced.

Cost Of Parts:

Small burners  part no. WB30T10047  $86.31 at SearsPartsDirect.com

Large burners  part no. WB30T10045 $90.89 at SearsPartsDirect.com

*Parts pricing is subject to change

Steps To Repair:

As always safety first.  Unplug the range. 

You will find two screws at both sides of the range underneath the front ledge of the cooktop they are 1/4″ screws.  Remove them and the top can be lifted up and pulled off of its hinges.  There are two molex connectors and a ground wire you will have to detach before fully removing the cooktop.

Once you have the cooktop out you can easily replace the burners with the cooktop flipped over.  Pay attention to the wire leads and be sure to put them back in the exact same locations on the new burners or read any literature that comes with the new burners regarding lead placements.

About JBP69B0F3BB burners not heating properly


Helpful Tip:

Put a towel down on the working surface to protect the glass cooktop.



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