GE Microwave Oven Mod# JVM1451BA001 Not heating

Model Number:  JVM1451BA001


 About GE Microwave Oven Mod# JVM1451BA001


When you use the microwave you hear it turning on but you aren’t getting any food to warm up.


This issue can be several things but in this case it was a bad magnetron.  The magnetron is like high voltage antenna that emits radiation that cooks your food.  You will need a tech to determine if for sure this is the problem.

What Can Be Done To Get By Until Repair Is Done:

Nothing temporary can be done.

Difficulty Of Repair:

Do not attempt if you lack experience in this field.  There are high voltage parts involved and you could hurt yourself.

Time To Repair:

1 – 2 hours

Cost Of Parts:

Magnetron part no. WB27X10017  $200  (only technicians can order this part on SearsPartsDirect.com)

High voltage diode part no. WB27X10169 $34.16 at SearsPartsDirect.com

*Parts prices are subject to change

 Steps To Repair:

Do not attempt if you are not an experienced technician.

 Helpful Tip:

You can save money on this if you take the unit off the wall before the tech shows up and put the unit near an electrical outlet.  The only way to save will be to help the tech use less time in your home and source the parts yourself.

The microwave is held up by three screws that attach through the top  of the cabinet.  You can have someone hold the unit in place while you remove the bolts and lift the exhaust vent (if you have outside exhaust).  Once the bolts are out let the unit lean out to you and lift it carefully off of the tabs on the wall plate.  Lift up and out.

But do not open the unit up please!



Ket Lilly

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