Frigidaire Dryer Mod# FEX831FS1 Not turning or tumbling, just hums

Model Number:  FEX831FS1


About Frigidaire Dryer Mod#FEX831FS1


You go to turn the dryer on and no tumbling occurs but you hear a slight hum sound.


This more than likely a weak motor (unless something is stuck in the blower wheel).

What Can Be Done To Get By Until Repair Is Done:

Sometimes you can still get the unit to run by opening the door holding down the door switch and giving the drum a turn with your hand.  This unit turns counterclockwise.

Difficulty Of Repair:

Fairly difficult.

Time To Repair:

1.5 – 2 hours

Cost Of Parts:

Motor part no. 134196600  $159.38 at SearsPartsDirect.com


 Steps To Repair:

This is not recommended for inexperienced technicians.

 Helpful Tip:

Call a professional on this one.



Ket Lilly

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