Frigidaire Built In Double Oven Mod# PLEB30T8CCB Not Heating

Model Number: PLEB30T8CCB

About Frigidaire Built In Double Oven Mod# PLEB30T8CCB Not Heating


After turning on bake or broil selections the unit fails to heat adequately or no doesn’t heat at all.


While bake an broil elements do commonly go out this situation was caused by faulty relay boards.  Even more weird it was two different boards out at the same time.

What Can Be Done To Get By Until Repair Is Done:

Check the function of broil and bake on both lower and upper ovens.  You may have one of the broil or bake features still working so you can get by for a bit.  In this case the broiler on the lower oven still worked.

Difficulty Of Repair:

Moderately difficult.  Not recommended for the average Joe because this unit is heavy and some experience is required in handling it and the control boards.

Time To Repair:

1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Cost Of Parts:

Relay board with transformer part no. 318022002  $200.60 on SearsPartsDirect.com

Relay board part no.  318022001 $187.64 on SearsPartsDirect.com

*Parts prices are subject to change

 Steps To Repair:

Do not attempt if you lack experience in this field.

Helpful Tip:

This particular situation was irregular.  But I did want to note here that these boards could have been repaired by someone who can use a soldering tool.  If you have the boards pulled and don’t want to spend $400 in control parts flip them over and check for bad solder joints.

Frigidaire Built In Double Oven Mod# PLEB30T8CCB Not Heating

These joints are repairable and more than likely will fix this problem.  Again if you don’t have experience please allow someone trained to pull the boards for you and then take the boards to an electronics shop to get soldered if you don’t know how yourself.


Ket Lilly

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