About Us

Hello my name is Ket Lilly.  I am a long time resident of San Antonio, TX and I have been in the appliance repair business pretty much my whole life!  Let me explain…

My father was factory trained by GE as an appliance repair technician.  I don’t even know that GE does this anymore.  For as long as I can remember I have been around appliance repair as my father over the years had several businesses.

In the early 90’s me and my older brother actually went into a business with my father and it was at this point I really began to understand the skill behind competent appliance repair.  I also found out that many of the technicians I ran into were not truly trained to work on appliances which made it clear why it was so hard to find good techs.

If I could go back I would have started this website ten years ago.  Could you just imagine the database of calls I would have it would be staggering!  In any event my intention here is to post various calls I go on and offer some insight on what has to be done and what you should expect as the homeowner potentially paying for this service.

I know of many incidents where bad companies and repairmen have taken people’s money and delivered horrible or even no service!  I want this to stop.  I think that if you are willing to pay for service you should get what you paid for.  So with that in mind I am here to provide insight on what you can do to save money and if you do need service how to get what you deserve.

I will also on occasion give advice on appliances for people who request my opinion.  Please remember that if I am not at your house to physically check a machine all I can offer is speculation based on my experience.  It truly does require hands on to know for sure what is wrong with your appliance but many times I have seen the issue and I will be very accurate in my assessment.

I have actively been in the appliance repair business for 18 years.  I have an amazing circle of friends and family that also are in the appliance repair business.  When I don’t know something I always have someone I know who does.  I would say if I tallied up everyone I know the years of experience would be cumulatively over 100 years.

So believe me when I say I can help you.  Today I am a contractor for a service company here in San Antonio.  You will see posts from my jobs.  If you have an issue you would like me to look at even if you are not here in San Antonio just drop me an email at ket@20dollarservicecall.com.  I will return your message as soon as I can.  See the home page for info I need to help you with your problem.

You will notice links and recommendations on where to purchase repair parts.  The commissions I receive from these links are what help me pay for this site.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!