Need Help With Your Appliance Repair?

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life…you’re appliances must give you trouble at some time.  The days when we could buy machines and keep them for twenty years are long behind us.  The new breed of appliance manufacturer doesn’t want you to use your appliances for that long it’s just bad for business.

So now more than ever it is becoming more important to know whether getting your appliance fixed is smarter than going to go get a new one.  To be honest after many years of doing this I have found that this decision always boils down to the type of person you are.About appliance repair help

Conservatives will usually cut their losses and move on to a new purchase.  The gamblers will usually fix the unit rather than spend the larger immediate amount for a new unit.  Both types are right.  The bottom line is what makes you comfortable will determine the right action so don’t stress over this.

I can help you make a sound decision.

You see if I can give you a fighting chance to know what you’re up against before you make your first decision… which is usually having a repairman come out to look at your appliance…I potentially can save you the service fee which puts you in the hole from the start.

Often I have to charge people $65 to $125 for a service fee (depends on location) just to tell them their unit is going to cost them  half the price of a new one to repair.  The reason this happens is because the cost of parts has drastically risen over the years.  Not to mention the cost of running a business.

Therefore I offer you my services.  For a limited time if you contact me at  I will look over your problem and give you the heads up on whether or not you should spend money on a service fee.  I will do this for free until it becomes impossible for me to do so.  So if you need help don’t hesitate to email me.  If you email me I will need the following:

  • Manufacturer (Whirlpool, Maytag, Wolf)
  • Model number (if you need help finding it let me know in the email)
  • The age of the unit
  • The failure (be as specific as you can the more info the better)
  • What repairs have been done to the machine in the past if you can remember

I am currently working on an E-book called the Home Appliance Survival Guide which I will offer for $20 once it is completed (hence the website name).  It will share information that will help appliance owners make better decisions on whether to repair or replace an appliance, how to avoid bad repairmen, how to save money on repairs, and a short guide for some repairs that homeowners can easily make themselves.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you.